Welcome to Chatigy!

Your site visitors will now be able to reach out to each other inside your site.  Chatigy offers your visitors the ability to:

·         Create World Chats- these are public conversations available to anyone on your site.  Registered Chatigy users can participate in these chat conversations.

·         Create Private Chats- inside of world chats, or by doing a search of Chatigy users, registered Chatigy users can initiate private chats with each other.  These chats are only visible between the people in the private chat.

·         Create Group Chats- Registered Chatigy users can create group chats.  These chats are only visible to the group members.  The person who created the group can add or remove members of the group.

·         Adding Contacts- Registered Chatigy users can connect with other Chatigy users and save them in their contact list.

As the store owner, you should create your own Chatigy account by accessing Chatigy on the lower right-hand side of your site.  You’ll be able to interact within Chatigy just like any other user- viewing and participating in World Chats, creating contacts, and initiating private and group chats.

Inside of Shopify you can set the theme for Chatigy by selecting colors that match the them of your site. 

What’s next?

In the future we’ll be adding features to your admin area to help you manage Chatigy, as well as new features in the app itself.  We are also working on a mobile version- it’s currently in development and looks great!


Visit www.chatigy.com, contact support at support@chatigy.com, or visit our FAQ page at http://www.chatigy.com/faq.